Learning to do portraits …Julie

At long last I’ve joined a local art group on a Friday morning. It’s great fun and I’ve been enjoying learning and experimenting. This term we’ve been doing portraits. I hope we will see some progress. 

First class…self portrait…no tuition yet so a good way to tell if we get any better! In my opinion , this looks like someone, just not necessarily me!


Newton Ferrers, Devon by Ken Allen

This fairly large picture is oil on canvas painted by Dad (Ken Allen) in 2013. Dad first painted this picture about 25 years ago after a family holiday down in Devon. The original used to hang in Mum and Dad’s lounge and was much admired. So after giving the original to my brother, Pete, Dad painted this new version.
Dad’s recollection of the holiday was that he and Mum actually stayed across the river from Newton Ferrers (in Noss Mayo) and only Pete and my cousin Julian were with them. Dad enjoyed sailing on the river here but decided not to join in the annual boat race around the riverside pubs. Probably wise as the men had to drink a pint in every pub and the ladies a half.
This painting was completed based on some rough sketches he originally made and photos.